I am a UX Researcher


With close to two years of experience trying to pick the brains of all kinds of users, I focus on planning and validating features that are aimed towards creating a positive and immersive user experience. Just a heads up, most of my current experience involves conducting user research for immersive forms of media such as video games, e-learning platforms and music streaming.


Here's a little summary of what I achieved in the professional projects presented in this portfolio:

                      - Validated the usability and enjoyability of gameplay features by codifying player behavior which got my name into the credits 

                     - Improved user retention and reduced player churn by identifying solutions for pain points in the user journey

                                                        - Created a UI Design compendium based on heuristic analysis of client's  competitor products which was used improve NPS score

                                     - Compiled a requirements definition document which is currently being used by the client for planning and designing features



Casual Mobile Game: Requirements Study

Transit App product Design Presentation

Case Study on the current state of in-game advertising

Candy Commanders: 

Game Design Document

Published Article: Minimalism in Design


Robin Ankith

Designer and Researcher






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